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Project Description
A fast and lightweight IMML editor featuring code completion, editing of multiple IMML documents and a WYSIWYG rendered view of the IMML.

Written in C# and uses components from the open source VastPark framework, Kaxaml and DotNetZip projects.

ImmlPad in action

Download the markup used in the above image

What's it used for?
IMML stands for Immersive Media Markup Language and is an open specification developed by VastPark. It's designed to be a lightweight format for describing immersive media, including virtual worlds. Read more about IMML over at

User Guide
Check out the User Guide to learn how to use ImmlPad. If you've used the XML editor in Visual Studio you should feel fairly comfortable with ImmlPad.

Want to help improve ImmlPad?
Please report bugs on the Issue Tracker and make suggestions for features you'd like to see in ImmlPad on the Discussions page. Source code contributions are very welcome, as are ideas for future directions for either of ImmlPad and/or the IMML specification.

ImmlPad needs a logo! Can you help?
As of yet, a snazzy logo for ImmlPad doesn't exist, and the current 16x16 icon probably looks underdone on that shiny desktop of yours, next to all the other classy high-resolution icon's. Let's do something about that :)

Any ideas and contributions in this department will be greatly appreciated!

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